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We're here to help solve the issue of wellness and learning in the workplace.

Orrb is a gymnasium for the mind, helping you relax, regain focus, increase performance and train for self-development.

Content comes via Orrb X, our product management and booking software. Orrb X puts a range of wellness and learning activities directly into your daily work schedule, depending on your mood or learning needs.

We believe that greater learning is achieved through greater self-awareness – that's why we've put wellness and learning together to create Orrb



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What is the Orrb?

An Orrb is a 2,150mm long, 1,200mm wide and 1,700mm tall, physical device that you get inside of, shut the door and settle into.


What is the Orrb X?

Orrb X is the Orrb product management and booking software that allows you to control the content you want to watch or listen to in the way that suits you best. You have a number of preferences to personalize your in-Orrb experience including lighting control, sound volume and airflow intensity.


How does the Orrb X software work?

All you need to do is set everyone in the office up with their personal online account and you're all ready to go. You can have up to 200 people registered to a single Orrb or an unlimited number of guest users. Orrb X provides useful tracking and reporting for self-checking on performance according to your personal goals.


What do you do inside Orrb?

You do what you choose to do and when you want to do it. If you need to de-stress before a big presentation you can, if you need to focus on intense study before an exam you can, if you need to talk to a counselor one-to-one via videoconference you can – it's up to you to determine what you need to best support your ongoing work, life balance.


Who is Orrb designed for?

Everyone!  You certainly don't have to be a Yogi master to benefit from wellness and the learning content is accessible to a broad range of staffing needs.



How much does it cost?

Please get in touch to find out more about pricing as it will depend on your needs and number of employees.


What exactly will I get when I receive an Orrb?

You will receive a fully functional, plug-and-play Orrb device with a range of relaxation content pre-installed for immediate use. Each new customer receives a master admin account for managing so you can manage your Orrb and monitor its performance and usage. You will be able to download additional content that you can make available to your employees, users or customers. Each Orrb can be accessed remotely with the possibility to manage a network of Orrb from a central location. Training and support are on hand to help you integrate Orrb into your environment according to your needs.


Where do I order?

Orrb is currently in Beta with launch expected towards the end of 2018. We can accept pre-orders to ensure you’re delivery schedule and invite Beta collaborations in special circumstances for research and development. If you would like to be amongst the first to try out Orrb then let us know here info@orrb.com



Does Orrb ship internationally?

At the moment we are focusing our attention on the US and UK markets. Each Orrb will be finished by hand in manufacturing hubs in these areas, making shipping easy.


Partnerships & Press

I'm a world-class supplier, how do I get to see my wellness or learning content distributed through Orrb?

We seek out and curate the content for our subscribers but we are always looking for innovative content that our users will find indispensable info@orrb.com us here if you'd like to talk to our Content team.

I'm press and I'd like to get through to someone for an interview, images or further information, who do I speak to?

Speak to our PR team here info@orrb.com



For press enquires, images, or anything else, get in touch. press@orrb.com